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  • St. Maximin sample set - extension pack

    Christoph Schmitz supplied his own extension pack for St. Maximin sample set. For those, who own a valid licence to the full version of the St. Maximin sample set, there is now dual portrait stop jambs in high resolution for 4K monitors. The package is to be downloaded from :
    Christoph's web pages.
    Thank you, Christoph!

  • Goerlitz - Sonnenorgel - Installation Guide

    Installation guide for the Goerlitz sample set

    The sample set is distributed in volumes. Each volume cosists of an installation package split to multiple parts. All parts must be downloaded and installed into Hauptwerk. Continue reading

  • 6 channel surround sample sets

    The latest sample sets of Sonus Paradisi are 6 channel surround. Continue reading

  • How to make stereo from surround sample set

    Sometimes, users ask how to disable the ranks to obtain a two-channel stereo set out of full surround sample set: Continue reading

  • Media ordering apart from download

    The DVD media ordering changed on the Sonus Paradisi web pages. The media cannot be ordered together with the download. The installation media (DVD boxes) are now to be ordered from within the user account (the My Products section). Continue reading

  • Caen sample set - anches default to on

    Many users prefer if the Caen anches stops default to on, so that the reeds start to sound immediately when they are engaged. For this reason, there is no Caen ODF version 2.51.
    Continue reading

  • Wet from Surround, how to?

    Many Sonus Paradisi sample sets are sold as surround, i.e. having 4 channels for each organ stop. Two front channels, plus two rear channels.
    Sometimes, one may desire to load the sample set as a conventional two channel stereo sample set, so called wet sample set. This is good for the use in headphones, or with a single pair of speakers.
    Continue reading

  • Loading sample sets with L/R split ranks

    Recent Sonus Paradisi sample sets have a specific feature: dual channel tremulants for improved (more convincing) artificial tremulant behavior. Dual channel tremulants require the Left and the Right channels of a conventional stereo file split, so that each of them may be manipulated independently by the Hauptwerk tremulant model. Continue reading

  • Rank Audio Output Routing for Rear Channels

    Hauptwerk advanced is necessary for the multiple channel audio output. Front channels can be routed into the front (default) speakers, while the rear channels into the rear speakers.

    The method to achieve this is the following: Continue reading

  • Aliasing due to repitching

    Hauptwerk v. 4.0 uses very sophisticated pitch control of the organ pipe sample. Repitching happens due to various circumstances: by tuning the instrument up or down, due to the wind fluctuations, due to the tremulant, due to changing temperaments, etc. Repitching has a lot of meaningful functions in Hauptwerk during performance even at the original organ tuning, unless the interpolation is switched off in the Organ Settings.

    At the same time, Hauptwerk produces some harmonic distortion when the sample is repitched by more than few cents. When the base pitch of the sample is sufficiently high, the harmonic distortion manifests itself as aliasing - new sub-harmonics are produced and heard more or less prominent. In this indirect way, repitching contributes to the audio distortion which affects playback. Continue reading

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