• Smecno extension pack

    Christoph Schmitz created very useful extension pack for Smecno.
    It can be obtained from his webpage.

  • Piacenza - Padre Davide Virtual Organ

    The Demo sample set of the Padre Davide Italian Romantic instrument from Piacenza, St. Maria in Campagna, built by Fratelli Serassi is ready for free download.

    Continue reading

  • Munetaka Yokota Virtual Organ

    The Demo sample set of the Chico Centennial Organ of Munetaka Yokota is ready for free download. Continue reading

  • Casavant Demo sample set

    A demo sample set of the Casavant Surround Sample set is available. The demo set forms a luxurious virtual instrument of rich 3 manuals and a pedal. Altogether 26 speaking stops. Usable as a stand-alone virtual organ. Continue reading

  • Aristide no. 1, v. 2

    Aristide No. 1 is a composite sample set, which tries to imitate the sound of the the great Aristide Cavaillé-Coll organ at Saint-Ouen in Rouen, France. The mixtures of Saint-Ouen have been reconstructed rank by rank using the original specifications. Continue reading

  • Altenbruch Sample Set - Free Demo

    A demo sample set of the Altenbruch Sample set was uploaded, all the stops of the Brustwerk and almost all stops of the Hauptwerk (Oberwerk), including the tremmed samples. The amusing Zimbelstern is also available. Continue reading

  • How to use 6-channel surround sample sets

    6-channel surround sample sets sometimes raise many questions. Some users are concerned about RAM consumption (yes, 6-channel surround uses about 3x more RAM than a conventional stereo sample set). Some are concerned about the "best" listening scenario while using the 6-channels, some express hesitations about the acoustical principles of the 6-channel surround, fearing that blending too many channels together will harm the resulting sound. Well, how to use the 6-channel surround sample sets? Continue reading

  • Midwolda Surround Sample Set - Demo available

    A demo sample set of the Midwolda Surround Sample set was uploaded, featuring 9 full stops in all the 6 channels of the surround, including the tremmed samples. Continue reading

  • Bergen op Zoom - demo sample set

    Bergen op Zoom Ibach organ, op. 111, is available in a virtual form of a sample set for the Haupwerk software. The DEMO sample set is available for free download. Continue reading

  • Dynamic routing of balanced swell (crescendo) Pedals

    The Pedal matrix is a new feature of the Sonus Paradisi ODFs. It provides the user with a convenient way of dynamically assigning the physical MIDI continuous controllers (such as balanced swell pedal or a roller crescendo) to the virtual organ controls. Continue reading

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