Brasov free demo sample set

The demo version of the Brasov sample set is now available. Early Romantic German style instrument from 1836-1839, designed on 4 manuals and pedal. It is necessary to download all 3 available packages and install all of them into Hauptwerk.

As usually, the free demo sample set of Brasov constitutes a nice instrument on its own! The best use of this cut-down version of the sample set is a two manual instrument, by joining the Unterwerk, Rohrwerk and Hauptmanual together, playing against the Oberwerk as the main manual. This can be achieved by clever assigning the MIDI keyboard to the respective virtual manuals.

The nice feature of this demo sample set is, that the surround mixing capability is fully available! The diffuse and the direct front samples are both available, together with the rear samples. Moving the ears of the listener around the church is very possible. The special feature of this sample set can, thus, be well tested before acquiring the full sample set.

The limitation of the demo version is the limited number of sounding stops available:

  • The stop list:
    Unterwerk Hauptmanual Rohrwerk Oberwerk Pedal
    Gedackt 8 Gemshorn 8 Clarinetto 8 Bourdon 16 Untersatz 32
    Viole d Amour 4 Principal 8 Hohlfloete 8 Subbass 16
    Spitzfloete 4 Salicional 8 Violone 16
    Superoctava 2 Octava 4 Octava 4
    Rohrfloete 4
    Nasard 2 2/3

Demo version download (dowload and install all three packages!):
Pack no 1721, 1722

Pack no 1723

Demo ODF